QRampTM is simply an access ramp system that is designed for quick, easy assembly that actually looks nice on your home and is packed with exclusive safety features that other ramps simply don’t have. Need a Wheelchair ramp, Scooter Ramp, Walker ramp or simply an easier grade to negotiate? QRampTM is the safest solution available and QRampTM can be in your service faster than anything else on the market. With only four core modules stocked at your local retailer QRampTM is a snap to configure and most installations take about an hour. That means when you need an access system, QRampTM is ready. ThruFlowTM decking is the best non-slip polymer ramp panel on the market… no need to reinvent the wheel there, we use it and you stay sure footed in any weather.

Why should I choose QRamp?

Non-Slip Surface

QRamp™ provides a durable, ADA compliant, 360° non-slip surface that has a large bariatric load capacity. The decking that  is built into the frame is ThruFlow™ panels and has a 12 year warranty.

Glow in the Dark Guides

To assist you in the dark, QRamp™ has incorporated glow in the dark guides that are lined on the interior side beams. These photo-luminescent strips last up to 6 hours and help you safely enter or exit your home, school or business.

Above Average Curb Height

Featuring an exclusive above average curb height that you will not find anywhere else on the market. QRamp™ ensures that your mobility device will not reach over the edge with the 4.5″ curbs.

Clean Design

QRamp™ has simple yet elegant lines that are designed to blend and compliment your home unlike the common shiny silver ramps on the market today.

Neutral Color

QRamp™ took a large database of single family detached homes (more than 500,000) and utilizing the information from that study, selected our color to look as neutral as possible on the vast majority of homes and businesses that require ramps for individuals to lead an accessible life.

Human Feel

QRamp™ has integrated textures that not only make the ramp user friendly but protect the user from the temperature change that occurs to the surface while gripping the ramp. While other ramps can have you gripping hot, cold or dirty metal. QRamp™ is designed for people.

Simple Configuration

Most QRamp™ configurations are made with only four main modules, this means less confusion, simple configuration and re-configuration. Try our online builder and see for yourself how building a QRamp™ can be as simple as 1,2,3. http://qramp.com/buildmy/

Quick & Easy Installation

QRamp™ is the quickest and easiest modular ramp system to put together on the market today. QRamp™ is so quick and easy that with little to no experience at all a woman and her son put together a standard QRamp™ system in under an hour, check out the time lapse video here

Use It Today

With the QRamp™ modular access system’s design you can count on having access when you need it, where you need it. Parts are easy to stock and ready for that early hospital discharge, unforeseen work place or auto accidents, giving you the access you need, today.

No Build Up of Debris

QRamp™ uses an ADA compliant grated decking surface called ThruFlow™ which allows water, snow, ice, dirt and debris to fall through the walking surface keeping your ramp clean and clear.

No Sanding, Painting or Staining

QRamp™ is made of maintenance-free composite construction such as marine grade aluminum, polymer decking and durable outdoor powder coated paint that is colour fast and will provide you with many years of beautiful, maintenance free use.

No Grip Tape

QRamp™ has a non-slip surface that is built into the decking for 360° slip resistance that will not wear away quickly like grip tape or similar surfaces.

Ramp Builder

Let’s get started on building your ramp! Use our ramp builder to find which QRampTM system fits your needs.