Northern Lights dock systems are engineered to give you simple installation and the ultimate customization, so that you can enjoy the season on your dock, not working on it! Here are some common questions that we hear and answers that will assure you that our docks are a great choice for you.

Yes! We offer a 15 year limited warranty.

We offer a Veteran’s Discount.

Very light! On average a 4′ x 16′ aluminum dock section weighs 180 lbs. With a wheel kit, you will never lift more than half the weight of the dock section.

A 4′ x 16′ aluminum dock section requires no maintenance. The wheel kit will need to be greased once a year.

Legs are independently and telescopically adjustable from the top of the dock. Simply remove the cap on the top of the deck and either use the leg adjusting tool or 1 1/2″ socket with a cordless screw gun.

A typical system (3 docks and a ramp) can be installed and/or removed in about an hour.

Yes to both. Northern Lights makes sea wall brackets. Upon request, we can manufacture special brackets to mate to your existing dock.

Simply carry or roll your dock up on land. Do not cover or store upside down.

Northern Lights docks are completely modular.  You can change configurations at any time, within minutes – ex. change from a “T” to an “L”.  A 9/16″ wrench is all that is required. Simply re-position the uni-clamps to the desired location and click the dock into place.

No additional parts are required, no holes need to be drilled.

Change your deck as often as you like!

There are plenty of in-stock accessories and more being created all the time! We offer benches, bumpers, ladders, kayak racks, Adirondack chairs, bars, and much more. All accessories simply click on the side of the dock (9/16″ wrench required).

Have a unique situation? We can solve it! We pride ourselves on custom work to come up with a solution to any dock situation. Just give us a call!